Thank you all so much for the kind words and support of this blog. I'm pretty excited about it, amazing what a new logo can do to me. It's like a fresh coat of paint on an old tired room.  Also happy that none of you seem to mind the links. I'm just learning about all these things and I think they will wind up improving the blog in general.  So I much appreciate your input.  

The cool nights we've been having suggest fall is around the corner so I've been trying on my jeans and they are tight...what. I'm gonna forget about that right now bc the change of seasons always excites me. Someone please give me a closet to clean out.

Whatever your plans this weekend, hope it's lovely.  xo


Is anyone watching Ozark?  It is SO good!

Also, also other good things...

My idea of the perfect vacation home although I could live there all year long.

What a moving address !!!

A jaw dropping Newport manse wouldn't mind living here either.



new and hopefully improved

Hello dear friends.  I've finally, after 9 years of blogging, updated the layout of this blog.  I hired Shari at Little Blue Deer to help me overhaul it.  She has exquisite taste and I think it looks so chic I could cry.  But the main reason I did it was because I got so many requests for the simple things I use each day, I wanted a permanent place for you to see them.  By clicking the pictures on the sidebar it will take you directly to the site for you to read about and make an informed decision for yourself whether or not you want it.  There are usually tons of reviews of the product so you don't have to rely on my opinion alone.  If you were to purchase directly thru my link I will be paid a very small commission.  You don't pay that commission though, the company selling the product pays it.  So I make a little, you save and it seems a win win.  If that offends you in any way, just ignore the whole thing!

I made a few mistakes when transferring the blog and lost my blog list which I will begin to rebuild.  Also, I deleted my followers list. I don't even know if that is relevant any longer but if you are no longer getting some sort of notification you can resubscribe easily. I'm sure for the next few days/weeks I'll be tweaking things left and right so I ask for your patience:)

Now you can easily click on my Instagram button and see what is happening there without even having an Instagram account. Another neat little trick is that if you want to Pin a photo to Pinterest all you have to do is hover over the top left of a photo and a little Pin will appear and just click it and it's done!  That's kinda cool.

So hopefully this will all make it easier for you readers who have been with me a long time and also for new readers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me all these years. You readers are the most important part of this blog, thank you so much.  Here's to many more years of blogging!  xo


my bedroom makeover

It's not all beans and rice around here.

Thank you Pinterest and Instagram for leading me to this Raphael wallpaper by Sandberg.  It's made in Sweden and for me a bit too pricey, so I kept scouring the internet for deals.  I found it on eBay for a fraction of its normal cost.  The seller, Bea, who is a sweetheart has a shop that is loaded with beautiful papers and fabrics at amazing prices.  Go see for yourself HERE.

We've hung wallpaper before but it has been awhile and I was unsure of how much to get.  She had 6 double rolls for sale and I bought 3.  I should have gotten all 6 because I could only do 2 walls.  Which in the end is okay but I'd rather have done them all.

I love that when you walk in the front door of the house you can now see a glimpse of the pretty paper at the end of the house.  I absolutely love it and it feels as if it has always belonged here. And how darling is the vintage bamboo shelf?  M gave it to me because she had no room for it.  It looks perfect against the paper don't you think?

In addition to the wallpaper I also got rid of my dresser completely.  I was ruthless and was able to condense a 4 drawer dresser into 1 drawer in the armoire.  The room feels so lovely and feminine right now.  I still haven't gotten the nerve to drive a nail into it to hang any pictures.  That's going to take some time. xo

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